An action predominately engaged in by Hillbillies and Rednecks:

Step 1: Participant(s) must have a 5-gallon bucket, gun(baseball bat), and access to a water source.
Step 2: Pour 5-gallon bucket full of water down a ground squirrel hole.
Step 3: Wait for PO'd squirrel to emerge from the watery depths.
Step 4: Wacka-Mole, Shoot, Bludgeon Squirrel.
Dildo Dan the Hose Stroking Man: Hey Jim Bob Bo Peter Johnson Smith, wanna go Squirrel Fishing?
Jim Bob Bo Peter Johnson Smith: No.
Dildo Dan the Hose Stroking Man: (Gunshot)
Top Definition
To throw a nut on a string at a squirrel, then when it holds on, swiftly yanking it upwards. They don't let go.. seriously.
"Hey, wanna go for some squirrel fishing?"
"Sure thing, let me get my rod"
by Naive Amoeba April 09, 2005
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