1: A nerd.

2: One who is well versed in the studies of pwning n00bs and n00bl3ts.

3: Despite being somewhat uncouth, somehow manages to hang out with a Miss Cristinerz.

4: One who is half-robot.
He's such a total squintz!
by squintz786 August 13, 2010
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Ryan MacKinnon
first person- Do you know Ryan MacKinnon?

second person- Who?

first person- Squintz

second person- (unimpressed) Oh, yeah I do.
by earl herquest June 01, 2011
Squintz john bidells partner in crime
squintz is 511 with glasses he is lanky
and ugly and big with the ladys

Squintz`n it - to wear sandals with no socks...also known as jimmy brinx`n it
god damn it i hate squintz

yo look young bol squintz`n it
by Balls.....hard not soft October 23, 2004

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