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Any episode of SpongeBob SquarePants in which the character, Squidward Tentacles, is unfairly injured/stripped of any dreams or hopes for that episode for the sole purpose of him being Squidward and being the "bad guy" when in reality, he's the character we sympathize with. Also noted by an abnormally large IQ drop in SpongeBob or Patrick just for those episodes as well.
Fan 1: Did you see that new SpongeBob episode?
Fan 2: Yeah, it was a total Squidward torture porn.
Fan 1: I know, I felt so bad for Squidward!
by Yosuke Hanamura November 16, 2013
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Originally coined by Youtube Pooper "MoBrosStudios" in the early 2010's, and then picked up by The Mysterious Mr. Enter, a Squidward Torture Porn is an episode of Spongebob, where rather than actually tell an interesting humorous story, the writers fall into laziness and just decide to make Squidward's life a dry hell. In the earlier days of Spongebob, this formula was seldom used, and only when Squidward did something to deserve it. However after the departure of Stephen Hillenberg and all the other competent writers, these episodes became much more recurring, despite the fact that nobody likes them. These torture porns, though common, are not exclusive to Squidward. Anyone, even Spongebob himself, can be given these torture porns provided they either are in a benevolent mood, or just minding their own business. The best way to avoid becoming the subject of these torture porns is to behave like an unlikeable jackass, a skill that the formerly loveable Patrick Star has mastered.
Mark: I had to watch another new Spongebob ratings trap with my little brother yesterday.
Ben: How was it?
Mark: It was crap. Just another half-assed Squidward Torture Porn
by RabidBadger1632 July 16, 2014
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