When a person is acting idiotic, and in a squid-like manner.
Boy 1: Dude, did you talk to Cassi yesterday?
Boy 2: Yeah man, she was acting like such a squidiot...
by Squid I. Diot January 18, 2010
Top Definition
"A dumb mother fucker that does not care nor give 2 shits for his life, so wears minimal to 0 gear, to possibly kill themselves on a motorcycle." - YummiR6
"Squidiots always feature in chromed out 'Busa's or Gsx-r's. A squid in general ( to the Motorcycle community is equivalent to riced out cars.) They are the basic beginner riders that always go for a Gixxer.. Don't Be a fucking Squidiot.." -YummiR6
by PKowis YummiR6 Subscriber March 15, 2014
by definition by yummiR6: a dumb motherfucker that does not care two shits for his life so wears minimal to zero gear to possibly kill themselves on a motorcycle
did you see that squidiot fly by on that chromed out hayabusa/gixxer?
by YR6 March 13, 2014
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