An Insult directed at a person in the presense of authority so as not to get in trouble.
Mrs. Dubose he can't solve the math problem he's a Squid!
by Shawn Fournier December 08, 2008
A word used when you go to high five, then pull back before you hit the others hand. you 'squid' away with a wriggly motion. Also used as the same as phsyche or sike usually accompanied by laughter from any audience.

1. Friend 1: "high five!"
fiends 2: -goes to high five, pulls back- "Squid!"

2. Guy: "hey babbbee, whats your digits?"
Girl: "oh here, ill write them on your arm.....SQUUUIIIID!"
by Bringo July 10, 2008
Someone is the most left out of the group, or is the worst at most of what the group does. Basically, it is a reference to the character "Squid" from the show ROCKET POWER. Anyone who fits that personality description can be referred to as the squid.
"You're such a squid, bro!"
by Sal Montalvo March 02, 2008
The new kid in the group. If you are a tight knit, or relatively close group, and a new person joins, their nickname will immediately become, "Squid". The kid who was the Squid before will now be tremendously relieved, and get to move on with a real nickname that actually describes their personality.
Joe: Hey, guys, this is Robbie, he's new.
Robbie: Hi.
Fred, Bill, Rob: Hey, Squid.
Jeff: YES! I'm not the squid anymore!
Joe: Shut up, Tweaky.
Jeff: Tweaky? Aw, damnit.
by notthesquid December 22, 2006
A member of the Navy; usu. an endearing term. there goes one salty squid!
by dougesoul March 19, 2003
A person who rides (motorcycle, skateboard, etc.). Squid is usually very cool but is not that talented at riding. It is a privileged to be called a squid
"did u see that squid on his board, he almost fell"
by Squid the Man April 27, 2010
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