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A member of the Navy; usu. an endearing term.
...now there goes one salty squid!
by dougesoul March 19, 2003
12 18
When you go to give someone a high five but instead of hitting their hand you pull away your hand in a squid motion(fingers pressed together and pull away) while yelling the word squid. Used to "punk" your friend.
Maddie: Good job Jeff! (Puts up hand for high five)
Jeff:(Goes to complete the high five)
Maddie:(pulls hand away)SQUID!
Jeff: I hate you.
11 18
A word used by millions worldwide as the name for Ian Williams, from the Forest Of Dean, England.
1. "Good Afternoon Squid!"
2. "Where’s Squid?"
by ohyoungmansedhild April 11, 2005
0 7
used if something is false. can be used to replace "NOT" at the end of a statement. you can also use the opposite of this by saying "no squid", to say something is true.
that fat girl was really hot....SQUID!

that fat girl was HUGE...NO SQUID!
by amarettolime March 11, 2009
1 9
Someone who is annoying, tactless and down right retarculous.
"Alison, did you see that? That guy just pulled out in front of me. I totally had to slam on my breaks to avoid a major accident. Unbelievable, what a Squid!"

"I can't believe it. Jillian and I were supposed to get together for lunch today, and she completely blew me off! I knew she was a Squid.
by Brook Powers April 27, 2006
7 15
Regional, Peoria (Illinois), early to mid-1990's

1. One who uses a computer for chat or e-mail.
2. Especially one who spends long hours in chat or e-mail, engaging in multiple conversational threads with multiple people, even simultaneously.

Her friends finally convinced her to get an Internet account, and would you believe, she's become such a squid!
by Joda January 16, 2006
6 15
A man's penis.A guy's cock.
I was pinching my squid.
by irishluck May 16, 2008
3 13