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When one offers a hi-five to someone and that person goes to take it, the first person makes a squid-ish shape from their hand, pulls away from the second person and says: "Squid"
1st person: Woah, Hi-Five!
2nd Person: Yeah!
1st person: Squid!
by caseychemical. December 16, 2008
An Insult directed at a person in the presense of authority so as not to get in trouble.
Mrs. Dubose he can't solve the math problem he's a Squid!
by Shawn Fournier December 08, 2008
A word used when you go to high five, then pull back before you hit the others hand. you 'squid' away with a wriggly motion. Also used as the same as phsyche or sike usually accompanied by laughter from any audience.

1. Friend 1: "high five!"
fiends 2: -goes to high five, pulls back- "Squid!"

2. Guy: "hey babbbee, whats your digits?"
Girl: "oh here, ill write them on your arm.....SQUUUIIIID!"
by Bringo July 10, 2008
(n) serious student. One who carries so many books that their arms (feel like they) elongate, spends so much time indoor studying that their skin becomes palid, and spends so much late night studying and drinking coffee that the eyes bug out from the head.
(v) to ruin your social life through excessive studying.
It's been such a tough semester, I've been squiddin' since February.
The nice thing about squids is you can date six without neglecting any.
by Soggyfoot June 11, 2007
Used as an insult to mean insignificant and thick.
"Stay the F*** the way you sodding squid"
by ed143 July 18, 2006
Squid was a keyboard ensemble, formed June 24, 1985 at summer camp, which included various duet combinations for piano or synthesizer and also included elements of poetry and operetta. Clothing would be worn, for example tarot card or folk festival t-shirts, Chopin Etude t-shirt, swimming trunks, Mozart wig, brown hiking boots. Tape recorders would be carried everywhere and used for almost any purpose. The tape recorder itself was sometimes referred to as a 'squid.'
People not wanting to be tape recorded would say, 'don't bring that squid in here.'
by Wigmaster May 24, 2006
a pound or quid
I've got 200 sqiud in the bank
by Project 25.01 June 29, 2003