you have no fucking life
yo nug, i be lukin up da squibblies cuz im a faggot
#squibblies #versus #quibbles #awesome #win #abandoned #house
by Jewish Launderay November 24, 2008
Top Definition
Something gross and kind of icky.
I love my BF, but his habit of eating half a banana in the evening and leaving the rest until the next day, is totally squibbly.
#gross #icky #eww #eww-inducing #dubious habits
by Verity4Harry October 22, 2013
A verbal ejaculation of sorts discharged via flesh pen; most often experienced by authors after a prolonged period of writer's block (a.k.a) writer's priapism. The final result being a 'squibbly' or sudden burst of white creative pearl jam onto Big Chief steno pad. Similar to a brain fart but differing in that a very tangible and proteinaceous goo is yielded, often requiring the services of a Latina maid and or clean up crew.
Tucker, one of many men suffering from writer's priapism, had been working on the same sentence of the first paragraph of the same novel for seven years. One night in Tibet, while working on his novel and simultaneously downloading porn via Rapidshare, a 'squibbly' discharged from the flesh pen betwixt his crotch, darting across his room in an F1-Tomcat-like fashion and, unfortunately, outside his open window and onto his gay neighbor Bryce's bougainvillea garden.

The 'squibbly' or unannounced burst of creative goo remained irretrievable due to the fact that the bougainvillea garden resided next to a local Tibetan glory hole den. Tod's protection had been seized by customs on his flight to Tibet. The adamantium buttplug, which Tod normally bore in his asshole for such occasions, had failed to bypass the metal detectors at LAX.

Tod sighed with depression, wishing that he had been sporting a flack catching device.
#pearl jam #brain fart #verabl ejaculation #splooge #money shot #baby gravvy #jizz #semen #sperm #wad #load #writer's priapism
by Trout Appleseed May 10, 2010
A state of being which results in lack of proper brain function and/or foolish behavior. Often induced by extremely attractive persons of the opposite gender.
The lead singer of Tokio Hotel makes Emily all squibbly.
#excitement #infatuation #composed #crushing #blathering
by LynnyAnne March 26, 2008
Feeling like your brain is rattling around in your head after taking medication.
Drinking grape cough syrup makes my brain feel squibbly.
#cough #cough syrup #brain #goofy #medicated
by Kyle_5 October 19, 2010
That icky sick feeling.
I'm not feeling good, I think have the flu because I've got that squibbly feeling all over.
by miasplace April 20, 2016
When something is tense, awkward, or unfortunate.
Dude: Does this feel squibbly to you?
Dude 2: Yeah, we should dip out
by MRishi April 26, 2016
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