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A match held on gamefaqs between two video game characters in 2003. Luigi is Mario's brother from the Mario games while Squall Leonhart is the main, un-socialble character of Final Fantasy VIII.

Before the match, everyone the Sc2k3 board said that Luigi would obliterate Squall. After all, Final Fantasy VIII was hated by a lot, and Luigi had a good fanbase.

When the match began, Luigi took the early lead, and a user named Advanced Warslord announced that Luigi is pwning, Squall has already lost.

Later on as voting continued though, Squall took over the lead...then every 15 minutes, it grew...and grew...and grew.

Eventually, Squall had a big lead, and by morning when most people were waking up, the chaos began. Squall had taken 60% of the votes and everyone began to go insane. Nintendo fans said "bleep it" while FF8 fans celebrated. At least 10 users account suicided. Other than Mario vs. Crono, this match has been the most popular one ever held on gamefaqs.

The match may have been caused by a game known as Kingdom Hearts which boosted Squall's popularity since he was a cameo. People now think this game also boosted Cloud Strife's and Sephiroth's popularity, which created an all-FF7 finals. This factor though is still under debate.
I remember Squall vs. was fun.
by maplejet March 25, 2004
Another one of those pointless 'battles' on Gamefaqs. In the end, the outcome would not have mattered to anybody but the obese ten year olds that sit infront of their gaming systems all day eating a BigMac and getting pissed if thier favorite character gets beat down by an insignifigant group of pixels on his/her television.
The ultimate waste of time and bandwidth.
by Freak Obscene April 21, 2004
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