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Cum sprayed in a web formation across some one's face!
Yo dog, last night I gave my gf a Spyderman...I cum into my hand and flung it across her face...made the sickest web!
by Spyderman1234 January 13, 2010
25 5
A pig-faced, bottom feeding, virginal geek who sets himself up for verbal assrape repeatedly through both idiocy and blind love of Spider-Man. See also 4um kiddie
SpyderMan will let any man sling his web all over his snout.
by KirkAngel April 08, 2003
6 15
One of the most beautiful and natural oompa loompas to ever post in BAMF.
I'm an oompa loompa, but damn I wanna be like SpyderMan.
by sascrotch April 09, 2003
3 17