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Pussy that is so good, a man might disregard all other things in his life in order to obtain, lay claim to, and/or physically remain in that pussy.

A sensationally pleasing vagina.
Tom hasn't been to work in three days because his girlfriend's spussy is so amazing.

Frank doesn't talk to any of his friend's anymore. He's only concerned with that spussy he found.
by Da Vagrant Logic November 17, 2009
The underside of the fat flap between the stomach and the pussy.
Yo, that fat bitch had some mayonnaise lookin shit all up under her spussy!!!
by Bailey&Wisdom co. , inc. January 27, 2008
When someone is unsure of their gender and can't say eating that pussy or licking up that sperm.
Lexi said to Barbra " You gonna get that spussy tonight!"
by Deez nuts my name is Jeff 21 April 08, 2016
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