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Honor in liquid form. To the dishonorable, it appears as nothing more than a pink hand/dish soap. But to those that have fallen under the tutelage of The Grand Dragon, they are able to see it for what it truly is. When put in a fountain, a most honorable mound of suds will appear. This will wash the honor out of the fountain and allow the user of Spurrier (gift of The Grand Dragon) to claim this honor. Those that possess Spurrier are not to be taken lightly.
Uh, I went in the shed at Pizza Hut and found massive amounts of Spurrier! The Grand Dragon has smiled upon me! Now I will gain much honor tonight when I soap the Magic Mushroom Mountain!
by Mr. Honor February 12, 2009
the supreme mind in college football.
"I am totally Spurrier's little bitch" -- Bobby Bowden
by Dharma Bum April 12, 2004
verb (used with object) -- To leave a college football coaching job for the NFL, coach two years in the league, then return to college football with another school in the same division in the same conference as the school you left.
Nick Saban just spurriered LSU.
by Steam Machine January 03, 2007
The overrated former coach of the University of Florida. Lost eight of the 14 games he coached against Florida State University. Figured he'd be able to coach better if he'd joined a team that looked like the Noles. However continued his loser ways in the NFL with the Washington Redskins by leading them to a 5-11 losing season. Now unemployed.
Don't be an arrogant Spurrier or else you'll be an unemployed loser.
by Bill May 02, 2004
An overrated "coach" who never managed to win a single game in Tallahassee, Florida, home of the FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY SEMINOLES.
Steve Spurrier represents what being a UF grad is all about.
by Ron Zook June 29, 2004
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