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speaking to ones self while lurking = spurking
Katos was spurking down the office corridor, lewis yelled out "stop spurking your weirdness is creeping me out." Katos said "what do you mean you dickhead?" Lewis replied you are speaking to yourself and lurking around the office.
by spurking society September 22, 2011
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A woman who has problems with obesity but still wants to be active or engage in sexual activites or fun....

K:Hey Taylor You spurk
Tay:Ahh well i use Tamps
K:Really hows that
Tay:well They get heavy sometimes.
by Submaster June 11, 2008
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To spurt in a sudden, rapid stream from an opening previously clogged up or not working.
It's spurking!
by neobarone September 21, 2009
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As in "sman789 is a spurk!"
by Spam September 12, 2003
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