Something done on the fly, without any prior planning.
Bob: Hey, man, why didn't you invite me to the beach with you guys?
Fred: Sorry, man, it was spur the moment!
by MaggieAwesome June 27, 2011
1)When u feelin fresh as a mothafucka like u just got a new impala bac from the hydraulic u got a new pair of G-unit classics from the reebok site. u dicide to cruise down the street at 2 miles an hour.
2)A kick-ass song by Ludacris
(luda) Hey lemmie ask u sumthin. u ever had 1 of those days were u felt like u got rid of all the bad C's in your life? You know u just got ur paycheck u just payed off a car note or sumthin just jumped out the shower feelin fresh as a muthufucka with ur dress shoes on. You know what im talkin about?
(DJ Quik)u meen u paid off like a Cadillac car note?
(Luda) Like a Cadillac man. like u wanna call evry body u know and have a party. dont even plan it just do it.
(DJ Quik)in Compton we call that spur the moment.
(Luda) Well lets do it then spur the moment.
by chicoblaco June 06, 2005

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