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Name often attributed to larger than life characters famous for their sexual exploits. Often a humorous individual with an array of mum jokes at their disposal. A defining characteristic of a Spunko is "Creative Hair".
What did you get up to last night Spunko?
Spunko that is very creative hair.
Person 1: "I had a good time last night."
Spunko: "That's what your mum said."
Person 2: "Owwwww he said your mum!"
by Simon December 21, 2006
An imaginary character in the Ducko comics. He wears a spiderman mask and carries a backpack of random things (ninja stars, lighters, airsoft gun, lotion, 2 AA battery, swiss knife, etc). Does stupid things. Usually sways Ducko to do stupid stuff as well...
Spunko wants to destroy everything. He is not stupid... he has common sense.
He doesn't really care about others, just himself... after all, he's just an imaginary character.
Spunko took a pint of my blood while i was sleeping to sale for 10 bucks.
Spunko looks like a knock off of strongbad.
Why the hell does Spunko wear a spiderman mask?
by Ducko September 20, 2005
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