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A female meth abuser who spends all day in her mirror dressing up and changing outfits over and over. Doing her make-up and fixing her hair for hours. Turning her bedroom into a disaster of inside out shirts and jeans.
Michelle: Where is Tara?
Amy: She's stuck in her room being a spunderella.
by TrentsXWife March 02, 2011
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crystal meth meth tweeker methamphibian A female of any age that is addicted to crystal meth. Spunderella's primary goal for most of her day is to "chase the bag"; arrange hooking up with the meth dealer, friends, anyone and everyone she thinks might be holding. She is on a mission to get spun and stay spun on meth.
Sean: "Is that your grandmother dude?"

Daniel: "NO fucktard, thats my mom. She used to be a spunderella, twacked out on meth for the past 7 years but then she went to rehab. Give her about 6 months and she'll be looking like she used to when she was a pre-school teacher.

Sean: "MMMM, A MILF?"

(Daniel punches Sean in the arm)
"Daniel: "Don't go there dude before you make me kick your ass!
by The Anrkissed May 08, 2008
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