A plain or pudgy dude who fancies himself to be a real ladies man.
Why do I attract all the spud muffins?
by Ontologist on Call July 07, 2009
Noun. A cross between a spud and cornmuffin; generally referring to a guy, (can be a waiter) who not only suggests ordering the ever famous loaded spuds to small children as an appetizer and also orders cornmuffins for breakfast at the local diner instead of something much more manly like a full plate of eggs and choice of meat. WHile some consider this to be a guy confident in his sexuality and possibly just a prick, most will agree that he definitely needs his man card pulled.

This can be used like studmuffin but because of his questionable decisions, does not deserve to be called stud. Use Spud instead.
Can you believe this guy? We just worked out for 2 hours and the spudmuffin just got everyone else an appetizer and then ordered effing cornmuffins for himself.
by margalix March 12, 2007
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