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a code name for spirits mixed with juice or any other innocuous beverage
Neb: Hey, you want some juice?
Chibbles: Na, son, juice is for fags.
Neb: Are you sure? Its got sprinkles.
Chibbles: Ah hellz yeah! I likes sprinkles.
#minute maid #delicious booze #booze #gin & juice #neb
by Nebtastic July 11, 2010
Verb: Gender-neutral term for male or female ejaculation.
Noun: Gender-neutral term for the male or female ejaculate.
Dude, I went down on her and she sprinkled all over my face.

Oh man, I totally filled her up with my sprinkle.
#sperm #cum #ejaculate #ejaculation #squirt
by Shark_Topus November 21, 2010
1) to pass on knowledge to another

2) to pass a physical object
3) to spread information

Term originated in the Bay Area.
Featured in E-40's 1995 song "Sprinkle Me"
"I'm finna sprinkle you fools with some of this G-A-M-E"

"We talked about what really went down, she sprinkled me with some new information"

Everyone is partaking in something good. You say, "sprinkle me some".
#spill #hip #put you up on #game #educate #lay it on me #pass it #inform #share
by duradogg July 02, 2012
a pretty person that you must stalk, obsess over, and leave a slurpee on their doorstep. they can't be the same gender as you, though! that's a jimmie! ;)
I stalk Chrissy P and Patty J because they are my sprinkles. We left Chris a blue slurpee from 7-11 and Pat a fudge round. Both with anonymous notes
by CPJ January 03, 2004
new game commonly played by teenagers, where one person tells the other to hold out there hand and they will pretend to sprinkle something into it then the other player that had the sprinkle must smack the opposing sex's ass. If they happen to sprinkle another player, then they have the sprinkle.The person who is giving the sprinkle will give the other play a time period of how long they have to pass on the sprinke. If they don't they slap the opposing sex's ass they will be deemed gay or lesbian.
John goes up to Emily and sprinkles her, Emily smacks Mikes ass then Mike chickens out. People call mike gay.
#slap #ass #gay #lesbian #common #new #teenage #game #stupid #other #player #must #sprinkle #sprinkles
by Colin-C November 19, 2011
The affectionate term given for a female member of a male dominated internet forum. (e.g. Car forums)
Stop calling her "mate", she's a sprinkle!

There are plenty of sprinkles in this club
#girl #forum #sprinkles #female #woman
by Husky... June 10, 2010
a topping for dessert, usually icecream
mostly for kids
kinda chalky tasting
come in colored and chocolate
When I went to the Jigger Shoppe, I got sprinkles on my icecream.
#colors #chocolate #dessert #icecream #jigger shoppe
by foreverhis 053007 May 13, 2008
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