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Spree Day occurs at Clark University during spring semester. It is a day when classes are cancelled, livers are destroyed, and a carnival is set up on the green. Faculty attempt to keep it a secret but students always end up finding out the exact date. This is convenient since trips to State Liquor are always a must. On Spree Day, students run rampant around campus, drunk by 8 a.m., sober by 4 p.m. and ready for another round of drinks by dinner. Perspective students beware, spree day is off-limits for those under the age of 18.
Damn! I'm getting shitty at 7 a.m. on Spree Day!

Spree Day? It's always a secret. I wish they'd tell us when it was so I could plan my trip to State Liquor.

Last year on Spree Day, my boyfriend rode the mechanical bull in his underwear.
by Lauren MS April 16, 2006
Occurs at Fitchburg State College on the last day of classes during the spring semester. The next day is "Reading Day" meaning there are no classes so you can study for finals. Studying doesnt take place due to the sleeping and hangovers left by Spree Day. Most students are drunk by 8 am and go to all of their classes drunk. Happy Spree Day!
Nate- What are you doing for Spree Day?
Tuttle- Im getting fucking shuttle-cocked by 8 am.
Nate- Fucking right. Hines Ward nigga!
by JoeP4 May 09, 2006
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