Do y'all think Sprawl-Mart is a name of a fictional store in The Simpsons? Well guese what? It's not.
Trivia: In Springfield, Sprawl-Mart is located near the Costington's department store (which is next to the men's shelter.)

by TravisRashawn February 28, 2007
Top Definition
Derogatory nickname for Wal-Mart stores.
Dude, I think that Sprawl-Mart greeter's dead
by PomoErectus November 30, 2003
A weak contraction of "Super Walmart." So-called because the immensely popular 24-hour store promotes unsustainable urban sprawl.
Hey, it's Friday night. Want to ride on some dizoggs and head over to Sprawlmart?
by Ted Isog May 02, 2005
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