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Verb - intransitive, to spraf, talk, chat without expectation of a reply.

Can be in the context of a personal conversation or when addressing an audience.

Scottish slang.
1. "What're you two going on about?"

"Dave was just havin' a spraf about Kelly he pure fancies her ken".

2. Regie was a pure spraf man, all about wearing your seatbelt, speed limits, went on for ages".

3. "What took you so long I've been choking on a fag"

"Stopped off at Tara's she had a spraf about this Italian she fancies, sorry darling here's your ciggies."
by Asarius December 01, 2011
A Scottish term describing someone who is lying or talking utter shit to you. Commonly used by young chavs to describe their discontent about someones chat.
Aw man, Kimbo was spraffing to me for ages about her new boyfriend. She said he's he fuck.
by pauladoo November 26, 2008
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