A game similar to punch buggy played with two or more people whilst in an automobile. Whenever some one spots a blue number plate with black writing they shout out "spotto!" and punch the nearest person/peoples as hard as possible. Once spotto has been declared it cannot be said again until a different car passes. Parked spottos do not count. A popular game in the early 00's, but soon got old and increasingly frustrating, especially for the driver.
Hermes: Mmm, this icecream sure is-SPOTTO!
Jubilee: If you punch me one more time, I'll stop the car and you can walk home!
Hermes: I dropped my icecream all over the leather seats.
Jubilee: Thats it, out of the car!
by Sam and co. January 24, 2006
Top Definition
A game played by school kids on buses. Whenever a yellow car, truck, van or wotever is spotted, one must make a 'spearing' motion in the directon of the yellow vehicle and scream spotto or yellowcar-o. only one person can claim each car unless you are jake weeks who is a bitch and cant hack anything.
RANGA:(sees yellow toyota)"SPOTTO!"
JAKE:Fuck off ranga! i got that car
RANGA: Get fucked you fat shit
by james-ranga-69 August 25, 2008
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