To give the highlights
My girlfriend was droning on and on about her day so I told her to just Sportscenter it and give me the highlights.
by ¹ $Ľï¢Ķ☮Яĭ¢ķ May 12, 2015
A hip, Emmy-winning daily scrapbook of homers, touchdowns, and slam-dunks
guy 1: OMG did you see tonights top ten plays?
guy 2: yes about three times, i always leave sportscenter on, i dont like dick(s)
by espnrulezz June 12, 2010
Marital sex, performed on a week night.
The wife and I put the kids to bed, Sportscenter, then watched Leno.
by FlotserGOLD September 23, 2010

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