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The ever-powerful consipracy led by none other than Cami, the prestigious zombie ninja-fairy.
This Conspiracy lasted for a total of 3 years, containing 8 members total, they had about 20 departments in their army, with about 100 sub-ordinates in each. (Each department was a different species. Some of the departments were even make up of inanimate objects.)
Yes, they could have taken over the universe. Alas, the evil foot gnomes stopped them, with their evil foot gnome ways.
The Spork Conspiracy, with their universe-conquering dream destroyed, broke up and began their own individual plotting against the foot-gnomes.
If the foot gnomes weren't such assholes, The Spork Conspiracy would've been ruling the universe by now!
by Cami (Is cooler than you) March 16, 2007

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