A word the rhymes with orange.
That is a nice orange,
It is so sporange.
by gatmanpoppinbatswithhisgat October 02, 2007
To be full of oneself, showing much hubris or false pride. An excess of ambition, pride, etc, ultimately causing the transgressor's ruin.
Ugh. My boss is awful, she is full of sporange. Her sporangeful ways will only hasten her comeuppance.

Smerg thinks she's all that, but that's just sporange.
by Smerg February 03, 2011
an orange sponge; the only word that rhymes with orange.
tiana: what rhymes with orange?
thomas: sporange.
tiana: is that a real word?
thomas: yes, its an orange sponge.
by thomastheturtle November 12, 2010
Sporange is the mixing of orange and sperm to make sporange. Normally used with soda or juice, as in the sentence.
"Lance, you drink way to much sporange soda."

The sporange juice is empty again. Alex must have drank it all. What a nub.
by Jimmy + Mikey March 03, 2007
A lame ass nigga.Commonly used as a peon,or a moolie
We don't mess wit dat sporange ass nigga JOE
by lil gucci mane February 16, 2008
Sperm and piss mixed together. That sticky release you get just after doing the deed and leaking the lizzard. Merky yellow goodness.
Dude, after I banged Latisha I had some seriously sticky sporange hanging off my rod.
by FactRzerO March 07, 2005
A sniglet invented for the sole purpose of rhyming with orange. It means those useless bits of white rind left over after you have peeled an orange.
After peeling an orange, one will usually find some sporange. Door hinge...
by Wesley Durrance September 23, 2005

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