A word from the Angry Beavers. They use it to describe anything they don't like. However, it has morphed into a word that can mean anything you really want. Eg crap, interesting, funny, cool, purple. Spoooty means its really crap/interesting/funny/cool/purple.
"Ooo, look, spooty tree!"
by hannahrawr August 25, 2008
act of behaving or acting as if something is not upsetting you but denying it verbally.
Matt came into work today looking spooty.
"Why are you being so spooty?"
by Don Chorizo August 20, 2006
To be in good moods; to show appreciation towards a person, place, or thing.
The party left me feeling quite spooty. This café sure is spooty! Bob you sure are a spooty individual.
by Ryan June 01, 2003
1) Adj. Similar in usage to spiffy, or cool.
2) interj. Something muttered when something you don't want to happen happens. Similar to (sarcastic) "That's just great."

Spootiful (adj), Spooties (adj)
1) The object of desire was spooty.

2) "That's really spooty!"
by Aaron December 02, 2002
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