On the show "The Angry Beavers" an adjective that they use to describe anything they don't like.
Dag: Spooty potty! Die potty die!
by Angry Beavers Fanatic August 23, 2005
Top Definition
A term derived from the Nickelodeon cartoon "The Angry Beavers". Meaning crappy, annoying, stupid, etc.
Oh, spoot!
You spooty flooring inspector!
by QueenSaiyan January 10, 2004
Adjective: spooty (comparative: spootier, superlative: spootiest)

1. (informal) Of very poor quality.

The spooty thing broke.

2. (Informal) Crazy or silly.

The author comes across as a bit spooty.

3. (Informal) Inappropriate or unbefitting.

The spooty things were expensive.

Verb: spoot

1. euphemism for damn.

Spoot it all, Poppa.

Noun: spoot

1. something of little value.

His promise is not worth a spoot.

Interjection: spoot

1. an expression of dismay, concern, or worry; strongly suggesting disapproval or disappointment.

Oh spoot, I seem to have mislaid my keys.
Spoot, Ms. Fuzzywink turned me down again.

2. a sudden cry or remark, esp. expressing surprise or anger.
Spoot, I stubbed my toe on this spooty accordion.
by TedAKANathan February 18, 2009
In the cartoon \"2 Angry Beavers\", spooty is used as a adjective that implies distaste and repulsion.
by eternalfats October 01, 2003
adjective; to annoy or aggravate
My kids were being spooty today. & I was just driving along and this spooty dude cut me off!
by Stephanie September 02, 2003
A Spooty is a fantastic looking Spanish girl with an amazing booty
Dude check her out, she's an amazing Spooty, beautiful face, amazing smile and look at that booty!"
by Spooty fan August 11, 2014
A word from the Angry Beavers. They use it to describe anything they don't like. However, it has morphed into a word that can mean anything you really want. Eg crap, interesting, funny, cool, purple. Spoooty means its really crap/interesting/funny/cool/purple.
"Ooo, look, spooty tree!"
by hannahrawr August 25, 2008
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