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On the show "The Angry Beavers" an adjective that they use to describe anything they don't like.
Dag: Spooty potty! Die potty die!
by Angry Beavers Fanatic August 23, 2005
72 23
A term derived from the Nickelodeon cartoon "The Angry Beavers". Meaning crappy, annoying, stupid, etc.
Oh, spoot!
You spooty flooring inspector!
by QueenSaiyan January 10, 2004
190 57
Adjective: spooty (comparative: spootier, superlative: spootiest)

1. (informal) Of very poor quality.

The spooty thing broke.

2. (Informal) Crazy or silly.

The author comes across as a bit spooty.

3. (Informal) Inappropriate or unbefitting.

The spooty things were expensive.

Verb: spoot

1. euphemism for damn.

Spoot it all, Poppa.

Noun: spoot

1. something of little value.

His promise is not worth a spoot.

Interjection: spoot

1. an expression of dismay, concern, or worry; strongly suggesting disapproval or disappointment.

Oh spoot, I seem to have mislaid my keys.
Spoot, Ms. Fuzzywink turned me down again.

2. a sudden cry or remark, esp. expressing surprise or anger.
Spoot, I stubbed my toe on this spooty accordion.
by TedAKANathan February 18, 2009
26 5
In the cartoon \"2 Angry Beavers\", spooty is used as a adjective that implies distaste and repulsion.
by eternalfats October 01, 2003
12 17
Containing qualities of spoot; see spoot.
by Trafton September 12, 2003
6 13
adjective; to annoy or aggravate
My kids were being spooty today. & I was just driving along and this spooty dude cut me off!
by Stephanie September 02, 2003
9 17
A word from the Angry Beavers. They use it to describe anything they don't like. However, it has morphed into a word that can mean anything you really want. Eg crap, interesting, funny, cool, purple. Spoooty means its really crap/interesting/funny/cool/purple.
"Ooo, look, spooty tree!"
by hannahrawr August 25, 2008
8 17