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A satisfying, comforting feeling that arises when, two or more elements fit together perfectly, or a cavity is filled completely by an inversely proportionate object.
Two people lying in bed, their bodies perfectly aligned, one slightly smaller cupped into the curve of the other. That's spoony.
by Spoony Spoonerson February 14, 2006
26 46
Weak-minded (see Foxx); demonstratively fond; sentimental or silly; soft
Tellah: You spoony bard!
by owner of the souls January 29, 2003
246 32
An insult used to describe a man who is inordinately feminine and fruity.
Tellah: You spoony bard!
by not PalCec October 22, 2007
119 53
When something is found to be weird or trippy usually by someone who is on a lot of drugs.

Spoony things can cause a person to spoon out. (spooning out)

You can also refer to a person as a 'spooner' if they are acting spoony.
Seriously, why is eveyrone in this club wearing glasses...I'm spooning out so much

Stop being such a spooner, Janey

That is the spooniest fuking thing...everyone wis wearing really spoony masks.
by Elizaaaaaaaa December 23, 2008
29 32
Said to describe a goofy but lovable person who just wants to have fun.
E- Yo, Shawn, do you wanna go to the mini-mall and moon people?
S- You're so spoony...
by Shawn B. September 21, 2003
43 49
A colorful species of waterfowl (duck) considered less desirable by hunters. Sometimes refered to as, "Portuguse broad billed flying technocolor rat".
Slow day at the blind so we shot a pair of spooneys then got drunk
by Mat March 01, 2005
11 33
a girl who lives south london but fits in perfectly with mooink, bob, spandex and goldfish
hay ya spoony you got mr spoony with you??
by mooink July 19, 2004
5 37