1) Eating instrument.
2) Exclamation of joy.
3) Code word for porn.
1) "Dude, pass me that spoon."
2) "Dude, I just got root of all evil, SPOON!"
3) "Dude, I've got some nice spoon in my bag."
by Soiled Undergarment August 17, 2003
an idiot,a loser
jimmy made it up at school
If you dive in the shallow end of a pool, your'e a spoon!
or "dont dive into shallow water you spoon"
by Me January 13, 2005
someone who is a F.G groupie
The MKC is full of spoons.
by Rolls October 18, 2004
1) something that is too big

2) something that is too ripe

3) something too sexy for one's shirt
1) My spoon is too big.

2) My spoon is too ripe.

3) My spoon is too sexy for my shirt.
by Billy Beeth December 06, 2003
Absolute spaz, has got it all wrong, generally useless in every way shape or form.
SHRIP, and eeeerrrrrmmmmm........ye just shrip really.
by chris davis April 05, 2003
a tall, blonde, albino
Yo spoon... where the hell did ya go? I can't see u in all this snow.
by alex mondal January 03, 2005
Spoons is a game where two or more players can play. You get a spoon and you go into a refrigerator and find something that the opponent you pick must take a spoonful of what ever you find and attempt to eat it.
Lyndsey lets play spoons, you have to take a spoonful of mayonnaise. But i hate mayonnaise Nic to bad i picked it you must eat it. FINE! Then Lyndsey throws up in the sink.

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