1. Greatest word on the planet, and a good war cry (see The Tick)
2. Nothing is better.
3. My god.
2. You fool! My spoon will beat you!
by Spoon Worshiper (1 of many) January 19, 2004
someone stupid, bendy and shiny. The only thing this person is worthy of doing is to feed you.
that person is such a spoon. They just ate their own head.
by spoon hole November 23, 2003
GAY SEX!!! Two guys, one the pitcher the other the catcher.
Bubba spooned my daddy while he was in jail, and now my daddy is gay.
by Double D January 19, 2005
A game that three or more good friends would play in any dangerous gangsta populated city (Ex: Detroit). You drive really fast down a street and find a suitable black target. Yell "nigger!" as you drive past them and throw your spoon at them. If you hit them you get to drive away safely. If you miss you have to get out of the car and get the spoon.

*Spoon must be metal

*Anyone can play, even darkies
Johnny: Hey Billy, let's go play spoons!!!

Billy: Alright, I'm high as fuck but let's do it.

Johnny: Yeah, I fuckin' hate niggers!
by Nuck666 February 12, 2010
1) Eating instrument.
2) Exclamation of joy.
3) Code word for porn.
1) "Dude, pass me that spoon."
2) "Dude, I just got root of all evil, SPOON!"
3) "Dude, I've got some nice spoon in my bag."
by Soiled Undergarment August 17, 2003
an idiot,a loser
jimmy made it up at school
If you dive in the shallow end of a pool, your'e a spoon!
or "dont dive into shallow water you spoon"
by Me January 13, 2005
someone who is a F.G groupie
The MKC is full of spoons.
by Rolls October 18, 2004
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