Dangerous Metal Impliment
by Katiecats March 11, 2004
To treat someone with tolerance and respect when their socio-political status does not warrant it. Also to refrain from verbally abusing when it is expected.
Cadet Morgan has been spooning Cadet Mitchel.
by Margaret January 16, 2004
the act genital to genital interaction without intercourse.
Penis to Ass while sleeping or laying in bed.
by alyssa January 01, 2004
Spoons is a game in which you drive around in a car and throw spoons at black people, while at the same time yelling "Nigger". If the spoon misses the target, the person whose turn it is must get out of the car and pick it up.
Morgan: "Hey Louis wanna go play some spoons?"

Louis: "Yea definitely. Are you gonna steal your moms van?"

Morgan: "Sure, let me go grab her keys."

While in the process of playing Spoons.....

Louis: "Alright Morgan are you ready to do it?"

Morgan: Yea.

Morgan than proceeds to roll down the window and throw a spoon at a group of black people.

Morgan: "Nigger!"

The spoons then proceeds to hit one of the guys in the head.

Morgan: "Yea!"

While in the process of losing Spoons.....

Louis: "You ready to go again Morgan?"

Morgan: "Hell yea lets do it!"

Louis spots a large black man sitting on the side walk.

Louis: "Alright get ready."

Morgan rolls down the window and spots the black man, he then prepares his throwing arm, spoon in hand.

Morgan: "Nigger!"

The spoon lands inches away from the mans foot and he just stares at the car. The car then stops at the nearest corner and out slowly walks Morgan trying his best to keep a straight face.

Morgan looks back to see Louis laughing his ass off. He casually gets closer to the man as he looks directly at him. Morgan then bends over to pick up the spoon, picks it up, and runs off as fast as he can and gets in the car.
by MLester March 09, 2011
An insult used by geeks to make fun of lesser geeks, meaning they are "nothing" or "a waste of air" Taken from the Matrix quote "There is no spoon." Insult origin by Devin McDermott
He tried to kill me with an assault rifle in Halo. What a spoon.
by Devin "Table Stakes" McDermott March 17, 2004
Someone who is a complete idiot.
LLoyd is one. Usually someone who is quite stupid with lol intelligence.
by Laura/Katie/Lloyd March 13, 2004
a type of pipe for smokin' ganj.
yo man, that inside-out spoon is the shit.
by guy August 01, 2003
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