1. Metal, curved silverware, commonly used for eating cereal.

2. A substitute for an interjection like "Ohh yeah!" or "Woo hoo!"
1. Jimmy, get that spoon out of your anus!

2. I just passed my urine test, SPOON!
by Weirdboyscott January 07, 2003
person shaped like a spoon
that kid looks like a spoon we should call him SPOON!
by Gimp Hater July 02, 2007
a twat who cant score in soccer , or a complete puff. because a spoon is bent, like someone who plays for the wrong team.
you fuckin' spooner
by dirty rob February 24, 2003
LOL The Wal Mart Clown, and or someone who is an awkward turtle in life!
Lol look at spoons sleeping on the job
by the koala23 July 20, 2009
when two people lay so close together they look like a spoon.
1. one day keenan went to spend the night at a young boy named nicks house. when it was time to go to sleep young nick started spooning with little keenan. and when keenan woke up one the next day and his bootie was hurting.
by woogie boogie January 04, 2007
An evil person who "stirs" up rumours about you.
Tells you mean stuff other people have said about you behind your back.
A complete bitch.
Spoon: Omg did you hear what she said about you?
You: No what?
Spoon: She says your an incompetent bitch with no social life. She hates you.
You: Oh...tahts nice. Thanks for telling me. You spoon.
by Imogen c May 20, 2006
An imaginary object that only come from the mind
"There is no spoon Neo"
by um...Me June 07, 2004

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