Spooning is another word for offending. It is derived from the feeling of that someone is digging out a part of your heart with a spoon by saying something mean to you.
"Dude, Jeniffer totally spooned me last night when she told me she'd slept with Joe."

by Jerven February 28, 2007
A derogetary term used to put someone in a state of unconceivable confusion.
Chris: Did you know, that you are actualy, the spoon?
Me: No that would be you.
Chris: Shutup, Saggy Nipple Tits.
by schpoodle? November 11, 2006
A game where an unsuspecting person is challenged to a contest, where large heavy desert spoons are placed between the teeth and turns are taken to hit your opponent on the back of the head with said spoon using only the power of the mouth and neck, untill one of the competitors gives up. However a 3rd person, an associate of the challengee stands behind the unsuspecting player and belts him im time with a 3rd spoon in time with the 'hits' of the real opponent
'Hey we played spoons with Mike yesterday.'
'Yeah he has brain damage now.'
by Gimli, son of Gloin. May 12, 2006
what your friends do at 5 in the morning when they are incredibly drunk
dude pj, wanna spoon with me
by Jordan January 04, 2004
A pipe (usually glass) for smoking combustible substances.
"I bought a spoon for 20 bucks at the head shop"
by Shinku August 28, 2005
refering to the sexual position, its best to be big spoon, compared to little spooon
Hey Frank can I big big spoon tonight?
by frank rizzo January 26, 2004
1. Metal, curved silverware, commonly used for eating cereal.

2. A substitute for an interjection like "Ohh yeah!" or "Woo hoo!"
1. Jimmy, get that spoon out of your anus!

2. I just passed my urine test, SPOON!
by Weirdboyscott January 07, 2003
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