A man with genetalia small enough to fit inside a measuring spoon.
That guy has spoodle cock.
by azrael_dd February 17, 2009
Top Definition
1. (n.) a mistake

2. (n.) an annoying boy who is needy, also depending on others, not funny, unattractive, scruffy- looking. this so called spoodles also thinks that he (and yes, it is always a he) is the smartest, hottest SHIT ever. he an egotistical son of a bitch. usually, the "spoodles" has a dull personality, dull name, thats why they invent the nickname spoodle to reconpensate for it. example: anna white, which sounds like "applewhite". no matter how hard the spoodles tries, he will always be a loser who has 1. no amigos and 2. no girls. poor spoodles.
guy: He is such a TOOOL!
other guy: nah, he's just a spoodles.
by ilikeitintheass December 15, 2009
A word that replaces anything.
"That guy is so spoodle."

"my weekend was so fucking spoodle."

"suck my spoodle."

"Let's spoodle."

"I'm gonna kick the spoodle outta you."

"I'll show you my spoodle if you show me yours."
by Eustace Peabody The Warbler April 01, 2011
Means to polish or refine something by applying a series of small steps or improvements.

Synonym of fettle.

Appears in current add for AA on UK TV.
"I'll just spoodle this up a little bit for you"
by Peter Norris April 11, 2004
To ejaculate, all over the place.
Like what happens in the bathroom after a lot of Mexican food.
My roommate spoodled on his bed sheets, nasty.
by Creet Fappin' February 12, 2015
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