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Spongy - Something that soaks up so many different thoughts in your head and is utterly profound to the point where you cannot describe it, but it leaves a soft satisfactory feeling in your heart, leaving only one word in your head. Spongy.

The term was born in the hallways of an up and coming Toronto School.
"Dude what is that kidding wearing today, it's so weird, but I like it, I can't even describe the feeling"
"I know what you mean man, that shit's spongy"
by theBrownsmyth September 14, 2009
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1. Extremely drunk, to the point that the flesh leaks alcohol when compressed.

2. Capable of drinking a great amount of alcohol without losing faculties.
1. I got spongy down at the Rose and Crown last night and I had to be carried home.

2. John just drank five pints of stout and he hasn't slurred a single word. He's a spongy bastard.
by Gliese November 27, 2009
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the point between flacid and erect.`
that girl is so hot, she made me spongy.
by the only real bo. January 22, 2011
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awesome. rad. cool. freakin amazing. comes from the root word "Sponge Bob".
Kate: You're such a spongy friend!
Sal: Awww thanks! you're the spongiest!
by K to da T October 04, 2006
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the guy who has to sponge up the spilled bongwater. Which is usally the guys who spilled it
yo, spongy, clean up that shit. Now my whole house smells like bongwater.
by spun-g March 24, 2004
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A person of perverted nature. Or anything sexually deviant.

Comes from the word Sponge (to be dirty like a sponge)
Person A: Dude I here he likes taking it up the butt,

Person B:ya i always thought he was a spongy
by fan2c December 08, 2009
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