A spong is a species of which is of a 'Spoon' and 'Mong' mixed. If you are one of these, you may have absolutely no hope in life. People affected by this fatal virus include Luke B, Saheel K and Lynn W. Lynn being the carrier of this monstrosity of a virus.
Hey, you spong!
I can't believe you did that u spong!
Luke you fuckin spong I cannot believe you did that!
by Dave Pollard October 09, 2006
Spong is a term of endearment, usually used to describe something so magnificent, that words often fail to reflect its true beauty.
Hey Jeremy, check that Spong out, she would get it sideways...
by Kelvster October 15, 2006
A feeling of endless mediocraty and disappointment experienced intensely by Solpsists whilst wishing the world was a bit more nang.
I gazed wistfully into my underpants and felt very spong. 'That is just not nang' I thought.
by Juzzers June 01, 2006
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