A horrible form of bathing suit, a hybrid between a speedo and a thong. Usually spotted on older men with beer bellys and fake tans.
e.g. 1: Person wearing a spong: "Ask me about my spong!!!"

e.g. 2: "Ew! Rob shouldn't be wearing a spong"
by kikido January 16, 2014
attractive, yet silly girls with stupid minds.
sarah and alex are such spongs, dont you think?!?!
by asian_gurlie August 07, 2005
A word to describe the comical movement similar to spazzes and mongs when someone is in distress or simply disturbed.
He got stoned and completey sponged.
Alice saw a rat and it was like *spong*
He tried to say something funny, but it was soo not and i shouted "spong!"
you're such a spong sometimes
by Chris Done June 14, 2005
Super gay
"He was siamese twinning with other guys, so spong of him"
by freckle fantasy 2 October 12, 2011
a special bit of smoking device,a normal type of bong but where you would put the cone you put half a coke bottle and then put your two knives and smoke up!
bro lets fucking go home and get high!lets smoke it through that sweet spong you made
by sean morgan from nz yoda June 21, 2010
Spong is a surfing term referring to conditions where the surf is really good and breaking really nicely. A combination of both sporty and strong. Often used as a complimentary reference to a difficult or fearless manoeuvre or simply as an acknowledgement of status.
"Check it out there, it's spong man!"


"That is one spong stick"


"Check her man, that is a spong rack she's bustin'"
by bluetube August 12, 2009
Noun; Adj.1. Word used to describe a person that is slow, moronic, or just plain dumb. 2.A meaningless word that can be used in place of any object.
1.Nameless Girl 1: OMG I think Bono is SO cute!!!
Nameless Girl 2: Ew! You think he's cute he's such a spong!

2.Teenager 1: *pulls out a random object and waves it around like an idiot* You like it don't you!! I know you like my spong!
Teenager 2: *steps away from Teenager 1 slowly* Riight...I have to go now...*leaves*
by TomoMomo June 08, 2005

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