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A word that is very similar to the words "Pwned", "Owned" and "Ownt" etc.

Someone beat you bad at something.
"Baby got spoked"

by SidewaysBox November 12, 2007
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term used describe an excited, happy, musical feeling of hotness; refers to the all female a cappella group The Spokes; related words: spokin, spoke, spokie, spokeness, spoked-out.
1. I am so SPOKED for this show!
2. That song wasn't just good, it was SPOKIN.
3. I am a Spoke, therefore I am hot.
by j-pugh February 04, 2007
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When you stay up all night from doing homework and wake up tired the next morning and throughout the day.
Hey did you finish that essay for English?
Yeah dude I am so spoked.
by Whiskey138 June 06, 2013
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