A word that is very similar to the words "Pwned", "Owned" and "Ownt" etc.

Someone beat you bad at something.
"Baby got spoked"

by SidewaysBox November 12, 2007
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term used describe an excited, happy, musical feeling of hotness; refers to the all female a cappella group The Spokes; related words: spokin, spoke, spokie, spokeness, spoked-out.
1. I am so SPOKED for this show!
2. That song wasn't just good, it was SPOKIN.
3. I am a Spoke, therefore I am hot.
by j-pugh February 04, 2007
When you stay up all night from doing homework and wake up tired the next morning and throughout the day.
Hey did you finish that essay for English?
Yeah dude I am so spoked.
by Whiskey138 June 06, 2013

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