1. Desireable lady who one would glady shoot his man gravy into her eye.

2. One bearing a vagina that you would gladly fill. =)
omfg man ur mom is suck a spoinker.
by Harry Mc'Longcock May 22, 2005
Top Definition
I like spoinkers, chubsters, any girls with a bit of meat on them!
by rollingclam June 15, 2016
A being that is strange in their own way yet has a presence to make people smile, they are normally very emotional people which can love unconditionally and believe there is such a think as love but its not perfect and have good common sense.
Spoinkers should always have someone to trust and will always stand by someone who needs their help, they will make loads of mistakes and bad choices before making some good ones, they don't really like to share either especially with food and can get annoyed really easily.
Some people even make little theme songs for the spoinkers kind, they are one wild prick, but there the ones you wouldn't change. If you think your a spoinkers you would have Blue eyes, that's the key to knowing.
Spoinkers na na naa BONKERS ;)
by whoshallibe53 December 07, 2012
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