A person, normally a child who was raised by his/her guardians in a way that the spoiled person gets almost anything he/she wants.
Jamie: Mommy! I want a Buzztoy.
Mommy: But I just bought you a toy!
Jamie: I want a Buzztoy.
Mommy: I already told you, I just...
Jamie: *cries*
Mommy: All right! Fine! Just stop crying
Jamie: *stops crying*
by Ross August 06, 2003
A person who's parents give them everything they want. They wait on this child hand and foot through their teen years and fill their child's head with a distorted view of reality. They often have elaborate and expensive parties. This child will cry if something is not their way. This child often will abuse and walk all over their family members. Thus includes hitting and gloating about their expensive things to their cousins. When they are caught they make a fake story and cry to get out of trouble.
Spoiled brat: I'm only 9 and have an iPhone. Do you have one???
Spoiled brat: (singsongy) I love my iPhone. I love my iPhone.
Cousin: (slaps the shit out of spoiled brat)
Spoiled brat: (crying) Mommy!!! I was doing nothing wrong and my cousin hit me!!!
Mom: (to cousin) you terrible person hurting my poor baby!!!!
by Cupcakegirlll December 27, 2012
A kid who wants everything and usually gets it. A spoiled little bitch.
When a kid goes to a store a throws a fit until he or she gets what he wants. a kid who gets what they want from there parent but still act like a brat, and like a little bitch... spoiled brat
by definethisyoo January 07, 2010
a 6 year old boy who gets everything and then hits the person who gave it to him.
Joshy Herrinn a spoiled brat
by ZachOHS January 15, 2010
Someone who is disobedient,naughty,evil.Someone like Lorenz
Lawrence is a spoiled brat for wanting everything
by WhiteGMA March 29, 2015
Patricia Rodriguez
Patricia Rodriguez is such a fucking spoiled brat
by Gillyayyy May 03, 2015
Two words: Myrtle Edmonds
She gets two birthdays a year, for crying out loud!
by DanMat6288 May 12, 2004
A derogatory term used to insult children.
Child: Hi grandpa, can you take me to the toy store, as you promised.

Grandpa: NO! shut-up you spoiled brat
by adroitgenius September 13, 2008
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