A way of referring to a highly intelligent and calm person. Usually a compliment.
"Wow, that guy is a real Spock, I thought he'd never be able to finish that code in time."
by Athene Airheart March 14, 2004
Like the wordshocker except two in the pink AND two in the stink
I met this girl at the bar last night, she was drunk she let me Spock her
by Duke July 10, 2003
A technique during sexual activity with a woman that involves sticking the index and middle finger into the vagina while simultaneously sticking the ring and pinky fingers into the rectum. Originates from an alien hand gesture portrayed in the Star Trek franchise.
girlfriend: ...HOLY SHIT! Did you just stick your fingers into my ASS?!
boyfriend: ...uh, yeah. It's called the spock...
girlfriend: ...will this make God cry?
by freaknasty December 13, 2004
Spock-ing is when you create the 'live long and prospor' sign from star trek.

You shove the middle and index fingers in the vagina. Then shove the ring and pinky in the anus.

This looks like the spock symbol, hence spock-ing.
I spock-ed this girl the other night. She loved it!
by Flat M February 23, 2009
a way of masturbation with a partner, much like the shocker, but using 2 fingers for the anus, and 2 for the birth canal.
first comes the popper, then the shocker, and then the spock.
by landino44 September 23, 2007
to simutaniously put ones fingers into both the reproductive organ and the excretion orafice of a female to give much pleasure. the act is performed using only one hand and can take some skill.
"hey dave, did u really spock that bird?"
by stagwood bumstead October 07, 2005
def 1 -The art of sexual distribution of fingers between the anus and vagina in the form of a star wars sign known as the vulcan greeting....aka.... SPOCK

def 2- The act of inserting four fingers into an orfice and expanding them oout into the vulcan greeting sign to give your that.... super full feeling
- I spocked Joe's ass so hard last night
- I'm really in need of a good field spocking!
- I spocked her to the left, spocked her to the right, I spocked those holes at the speed of light
by TheSpockMasters January 05, 2010
Two girls banging there vaginas together; looks like two interlocking Vulcan signs that stand for "live long and prosper".
Ok, who wants to spock?
by BigTool4You August 16, 2007
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