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Droplets or puddles of urine often found on toilet seats or around public urinals.
Guy 1 (wating for cubicle):"I need to shit so bad!"

Guy 2:"Dude, there's a free cubicle right there."

Guy 1: "Yeah, but there's sploosh all over the seat man."

Guy 2: "Gross!"
by BIGUP WGC January 23, 2011
A clear or white substance that can be projected from a male's penis at a high velocity. Sploosh starts out as a sperm in the testicles travels up the vas deferens and proceeds out the tip of the penis. This event can be highly pleasurable. Many women will fake an orgasm just to get a man to "sploosh".
"Yo dawg, Logan just totally splooshed Taylor"

"Man Billy wasn't so sure if he wanted to sploosh Erica"

"I saw a video online of a guy splooshing on a girls face...she liked it!"
by LR, BE, CA, BR, BH, TB May 09, 2008
When you've consumed a lot of liquid and your tummy gurgles.
Must be laughed at when it happens.
Greg: Don't fill up on so much water, Krissy!
Krissy: Whatever.
Greg: Hahaha!
by I unno April 25, 2008
When taking a shit and the water splashes up to your asshole. Very relieving when you have Firehole
Dude I just had a huge fireholer and I almost cheered when I go the sploosh
by Brodie Mac October 28, 2007
A very pretty scene boy with long, flowing hair covering half his face.
I went to the hardcore show last weekend and saw a really hot sploosh!
by korntale October 24, 2006
sploosh is another word for jizz
I like it when you sploosh in my eye.
by nox.the.king July 28, 2006
to kiss and french at the same time
one person is frenching while the other is just kissing
Me and my guy splooshed under the tree
by Taken October 31, 2003