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attractive, beauteous, good-looking, gorgeous, lovely, pretty, pulchritudinous, ravishing, sightly, stunning, angelic, attractive, belle, blithe, bonny, charming, choice, cute, delicate, elegant, elite, exquisite, fine, gorgeous, graceful, poetic, pretty, radiant, ravishing, splendid, bewitching, enchanting, engaging, enticing, fascinating, fetching, glamorous, lovely, prepossessing, sweet, taking, tempting, winning, winsome, adroit, alluring, appealing, beautiful, captivating, clever, cute, dainty, darling, dollish, elegant, ingenious, consummate, faultless, flawless, impeccable, indefectible, unflawed, perfect, accurate, consummate, excellent, exemplary, expert, flawless, immaculate, impeccable, inerrant, inerratic, infallible, integral, inviolate, plenary, proficient, saintly, accomplishment, avatar, beau ideal, completion, consummation, epitome, excellence, exemplar, exemplarity, expertise, immaculacy, impeccability, inerrancy, infallibility, integrality, paragon, perfectibility, perfection, personification, proficiency, utopiatic, virtuosity, polish, refined, smooth, blameless, culminating, entire, exact, excellent, expert, exquisite, faultless, fine, finish, finished, flawless, fulfill, holy, ideal, immaculate, impeccable, improve, infallible, irreproachable, masterly, perfectivize, precise, pure, realize, sound, stainless, suitable, thorough, unblemished, unerring, unimpaired, unimpeachable, unmarred, untarnished, utopian.
Spleenis defines Spleeny.
by Yarly Asparagus June 12, 2008
4 22
A penis and spleen put together. A random word put together by saying "Penis" then "Spleen"...then someone thought of putting them make SPLEENIS!!
Sacrafice your soul to the almighty SPLEENIS!!!!!11
by Spleenismabober April 16, 2005
19 13
A makeshift penis constructed of socks stuffed inside a sock. Can be worn by both females and males. Originated on the Lounge at
"Damn, Spleeny has a huge spleenis! I'd like her to stick it in me."
"But it's a sock. That would hurt."
"It's kewl. I like the pain."
by Laura Eff June 11, 2008
18 16