1. (verb) to borrow or steal an object or resource (including the services of a person, or someone else's style), usually on a temporary basis
2. (verb) to allow second party access to an object or resource
3. (noun) an exclamation, often used as an informal greeting, or in lieu of an expletive
4. (adjective) to describe a person or object that is somehow compromised, wrecked (in the case of a person, this could mean drunk or high), or missing (see definition 1)
1a. "Hey man, can you spleach me a couple bucks until payday?"

1b. "Has anyone seen my stapler? I'm serious. Did somebody spleach my effin' stapler?!"

2. "The sales queue in our call center is extremely busy. Maybe we should spleach a couple of our technical support reps to take some sales calls."

3a. "Spleach! What's goin' on?"

3b. "Oh, spleach! That shit was off the hook, cousin!"

4a. "Dude, did you see Lindsay at the party on Saturday night? She was spleached out of her mind!"

4b. "I got t-boned in the middle of an intersection and my car is spleached beyond repair."
by Nick Rassenti June 19, 2007
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(1) A super attached girlfriend who (much like a parasite) sucks the life out of their boyfriend, human back pack, leech.

(2) A girl who has lost all friends due to 24/7 attachment to new boyfriend, a shadow.

(3) One who constantly seeks public displays of affection despite creating awkwardness for others, constantly refers to boyfriend as "BABE".
That spleach lived in our house for a year and has yet to pay a bill.

Your girl is turning into a real spleach!

That spleach got an open bar for her birthday but only 2 people came, herself and her man.
by what the f happened to jon February 28, 2011
Peach Eater
When I finish this peach, call me spleach.
by Monkey at Noon in the Backwood August 11, 2010

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