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The evolved form of 'spirit', that is, a higher level of spirit. It is inordinately crazy and perpetually being told to calm down.
Rachel: "YAYYYYYYYYYlhsjbfvlLJHDSBJFQFhbajfhg"
by phantasmique January 14, 2010
Phrase normally yelled at platonic couples by obnoxious friends, followed by the most disgusting spitting sound you can possibly make.

Short for spitting your game.
John: "hey Sally!"

Sally: "hey John! how's it going? "

Obnoxious friends: "SPIT IT!!!!!"
by SBecial May 01, 2012
a non-black itailian who is often found stealing sweatpants. Soemtimes found raping young girls and/or greasy old girls who are actually men (AKA. Marinelli)
Man, Spit-it had a mouth full of smegma last night from a 4 year old's gooch.
by Anonymous June 02, 2003
Spit It is a new slang phrase with a meaning similar to "shut your face" or "shut the front door", which is commonly perceived as an angry and more commanding attempt to stop someone from talking, being stupid or making noise. More forceful forms of the phrase may be constructed by the interposition of modifiers, including "shut the hell up" and "shut the fuck up". In instant messenger communications, these are in turn often abbreviated to, SI, STHU and STFU, respectively.

If used incorrectly, or out of will be labeled as a douchebag.
Jerkface: Baby, I'm so sorry for being such an a-hole to deserve so much better and apparently I can't give it to you.

by JakeAzzHater January 07, 2011
an old italin man that steals sweatpants and rapes little girls
That stupid spit-it tried to get in my little sisters va jing jang
by ally July 02, 2004
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