Where two men make love to one woman at the same time, using two different orifices - like a pig on a spit.
Barry and Frederick spit fucked Anthea for her 12th birthday
by KORG April 04, 2004
Top Definition
A term coined by Woody Harrelson's character Tallahassee in the zom-com Zombieland. He typically uses it to describe his kind of awkward, goodhearted comrade with a Coach Gun, Columbus. It's an obvious play on the typical term "spitfire".
"Kid finally got to first base... Not bad for that skinny, little spitfuck."- Tallahassee
by Crazy Islamic Fascist October 07, 2009
A man who acts like a woman/as if he has no balls.
What's up you little spit fuck?
by MafiaMan979 October 12, 2009
to fuck someone using spit (including loogies) as lube.
i spit fucked mike in an alley, and then gave him a dirty sanchez.
by shmurghi May 26, 2003
The meaning derives from the movie "Zombieland"
but it usually means a waste of sperm or just another way of telling someone they are accidents of birth.
Dude 1: Hey when were you born?

Dude 2: idk my parents never told me...

Dude 1: Dammm You must have been an accident....what a spitfuck

Dude 2: Fuck you ass hole
by Blackmikehawk February 03, 2011
anal sex between two males in which the only lubricant used is human saliva.
*hock-ptoo* *hock-ptoo* *squelch* *squelch* *squelch* *slurp*
by David Ferguson October 27, 2004
To spit into one of the many of a woman's orifices by means of sexual arousal.
She got spit-fucked by 8 men in her arse and puss-puss.
by B-Drac July 26, 2003
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