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Spital is a simple slang for a Hospital.
Yo man, Richie just got shot, and he in the Spital.
by Sean P.L. April 25, 2004
A slang contraction of the word "hospital." It is a noteworthy coincidence that this is also the actual word for "hospital" in the Albanian language.

In certain neighborhoods of Philadelphia Pa, among emergency responders, it is a direct reference to two locations in Albert Einstein Medical Center: The ER, and the Fourth Floor Intensive Care Unit.
-That guy's really gettin' on my nerves, man

- Yeah, I think we gonna send him to the 'spital tonight, straight to da fourth floor.
by changNgreen December 23, 2009
a Philadelphia term. short for hospitle
Cyssero--"I'ma put you in a 'spital/wit' a pillow/and a bead right now"
by Lo-Kutous of Borg February 26, 2007
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