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The act of smoking marijuana.
Do you want to spirk after school?
by Nicholas King May 02, 2007
13 76
A portmanteau for the slash pairing between Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk from Star Trek.
"Did you read the new spirk?"
"Yes!! *squeeee*"
by jmtp March 17, 2008
196 26
The yaoi pairing of Captain Kirk and Commander Spock, from Star Trek. Widely considered canon.

Most Spirk fanfics are either pointless fluff, or insanely dirty sex scenes with no plot whatsoever. If you find a good fanfic that has an actual plot and isn't pointless fluff, good for you!
Many people consider Spirk to be canon, because of the Backrub Scene in the TOS episode, Shore Leave.
by Spirk Is Uber Hot January 05, 2010
64 28
the combination of a fork, spoon, and knife into one useful implement
spirk -
by Dan Cardin August 01, 2008
18 59