A line used by a lazy person who believes in God. A dumb girl who thinks you're dumb enough to fall for any line.
She thought it was a great idea to get a lower back tattoo of her boyfriend's name who's in a rock band because she's spiritual but not religious.
by wickedtruth July 07, 2013
Top Definition
Smart enough not to be duped by the politics of religion, but enlightened enough not to be compartmentalized by the existentialism of atheism.
Spiritual but not religious people know that a machine's instruction manual is only useful when you need to repair it. The purpose of its function needn't be clouded by the logic of its assembly or repair.
by ESCS December 12, 2006
A person who is not into any particular traditional church denomination. They may gather different ideas from religions and craft their own theology that explains their life experiences or they may follow more of a mystical approach (meditation, yoga, earth medicine) to find their truth. They may feel a connection in nature (or guitar playing, or eating yogurt or having sex) that transcends the ego. They usually reject anything that comes across as dogma, (i.e. you must believe this to get into my group) and usually have a broad definition of what they consider "the Divine" to be.
People who believe in some kind of Divinity, but don't want to be associated with a particular church or theology, would call themselves spiritual but not religious.
by Two Snakes June 12, 2016
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