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This word is orginated from South West England, Mainly said if someone is confused about something.
Spinny also means, Confused, Strange, Tripping, Odd, Mysterious, Unfamiliar
"That thing looks well Spinny"
"I just ate something Spinny, please tell me what it was?"
"You will look Spinny, if you wore that out"
"This place looks Spinny"
by Mr T April 12, 2004
ditsy, airhead - usually combined with the word "broad" to define a female that is not too bright.
"What a spinny broad!"
by Carol Powers August 28, 2006
When u spin round whilst drinking a drink at the same time(alcohol) and lean ur head backwards
Dya want a game of spinnies
by Holly December 11, 2004
Word originated in the Midlands im sure, used when in a confused state or mind either sober or on drugs, in any given situation.

Also word is modified for other strange occurrences
Also ad words to Spinny to get your point across
"Thats well spinny" Thats very starnge

"Spinny as fu*k" Thats really very starnge

"Im spinning out" This dope is heavy man.

"Sorry i span out" Sorry i got confused

"Spinner" He/she looks strange
by Killa B November 08, 2004
A derogatory term for a Hispanic/Italian or someone who acts as a Hispanic/Italian. It derives form two other derogatory terms, spic and ginny.
- Yo, you see that kid by the corner with his pants sagging, his spiky hair and his eyebrows shaved?
- Damn dog that's a spinny right there!
by Mahamuti Kakashura August 29, 2008
fat small italian kid who has a unibrow
Mikey is a spinny aka, yo spinny (mikey)
by anoymous June 03, 2003

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