To play music by means of Turntables, or cd tables. Could mean Practice, or crowd play.
Taken from the intro to Super T's first Album - "Yo, this is Dj Super T, I'm either spinnin, pimping, or taking a fat shit. please leave a message, after the beat..."
by Tony Krieg June 12, 2008
Top Definition
Noun: A natural feel good drug, induced by spinning and spinning. Makes you feel happy. Induces immidate laughter and results in falling on the ground with the room spinning. As your on the floor laughing, it gives the illusion that you are high.
1. "Dude, you high?"

"Nahh man im spinnin (laughs hysterically)"

"i want whatever your on"

"just spin then.."

*kid spins*

"... woah... HAHAHA"

by HiGhOnLiFe15 March 16, 2011
To mix records.
Damn that DJ is spinnin'
by chester February 17, 2003
going out in someobdy else's car for a drive, going nowhere inpaticular.
"ow, do you want to go spinnin tonight?"
by ##~# June 05, 2009
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