A stoopid ass pimp
shut up ya frickin' SPIMP!
by DJ Masta Cheez July 09, 2004
Top Definition
1.An abbreviation of "Special Shrimp." A processed, canned meat product with a shrimp flavor; see also Spam, Spobster, Speef, Spois Gras, Spicken, Spacon, and others. It is a perennial favorite of Southeast Asian Juntas and Quartermasters, due to its affordability, portability, and uncanny seafoodiness.
"Shinawatra should never come back here; he will have to find his Spimp elsewhere." -- Anonymous Thai Warlord
by webster tarpley November 02, 2006
a super pimp
that dudes a spimp
by BARK BARK January 29, 2004
The lingering liquid that remains in the recessed rim of a canned beverage after drinking from it. The presence of spimp makes it generally undesirable to share the beverage with somebody else especially being the second to drink from the can.
Damn, I'm thirsty but didn't you have sex with that Karen chick last week? I heard she has Herpes. You can keep the spimp, I'm heading to the snack shack.
by HardLard February 12, 2010
It is a spider/shrimp...better known as a house centipede...
I dont know what that was but I killed it.....it looked like a spider had sex with a shrimp.....fucking spimp!
by L.A.W.M. June 03, 2013
a pimp that is a frickin retard
David Karolinski isnt a spimp, just a retard
by Mary Juwanna April 26, 2003
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