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A person who constantly knocks over drinks at a party.

A stupid person incapable of conducting themselves in a proper manner because they got so wasted. Very unpopular at parties and in bars.

"Dude, you've knocked my drink over again, you're a spillage idiot"

"Who invited the spillage idiot?!"
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by Phil1974 December 19, 2006
Taking its name from the already popular phrase 'village idiot', spillage idiot refers to a person or persons who spill stuff when in the company of others.
haha look at waudby he just spilt carrot juice all down his new gola tracksuit. What a spillage idiot!!
#spillage #waudby #carrot #gola #dust
by TIN Laden December 14, 2010
The friend who always manages to spill something when they come over to your place.

Note: The spillage idiot can often locate items to spill where there were previously believed to be none. This often happens in student dwellings.
Crash! Glug, glug, glug..
S.I.: "Whoops, sorry!"
Rug-owner: "Argh! You fool of a took!"
S.i.: "It wasn't there a minute ago."
Rug-owner: "Oh Reeaally? That would mean something if it wasn't coming from the Spillage Idiot. Oh, hang on, that's my girlfriend's mug.. it hasn't been seen for months.. how..did..?"

Spillage antics leading to serendipitous findings automatically promote the S.Idiot to the position of Loom Raider, Ruiner of Rugs.
#spill #spillage #raider #idiot #rug
by Chandra42 September 12, 2008
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